Micro-peen and Signs

Sooo… it’s been a minute and I’ve determined that I need to do this more, because I have far too much going on in my head with no real outlet. I’ve had a few dates…nothing that has stuck. One was promising, but he passed his sickness on to me and had a micro penis. I’m not a BDC, but if you don’t have a big one then you need to level up in all other areas. Seriously. You can’t have a micro penis AND be a bad kisser or not give good head. We’re adults for goodness sakes!

I’ve moved to a new apartment. I love love LOVE the location and the amenities that come with the apartment. The apartment itself is pretty dope, except I the cabinets are too high for my short self. I can reach the bottom shelf, but the second and third require a ladder. That’s a bit annoying. I wonder who sits down and decides these details and do they ever consider those of us who are vertically challenged? What’s the average height of folks here in Vancouver? I don’t see a gang of tall people. Granted, most people are taller than me, but…come on…be sensible with the height of things in people’s homes.

Anyway, going back to the fella that got me sick. Yeah, I think that was a pretty clear sign that he was a disaster waiting to happen. Seriously, I was sick for two weeks. I honestly can’t remember ever being that sick. Talk about a sign. Got it.

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